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Developing AppServer Applications
Design and Implementation Considerations : Deployment considerations : Network deployment considerations

Network deployment considerations

As you plan your overall deployment strategy, keep in mind that the AppServer supports only:
*Transport Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) for client access to the AppServer
*Universal Datagram Protocol (UDP) for client (and AppServer) access to the NameServer
However, an AppServer agent, like any ABL client session, can communicate with databases and DataServers using TCP/IP or SNA.
If you have to connect the AppServer to a DataServer to access a non-OpenEdge database (and possibly through another network protocol), do the following:
*Use the appropriate OpenEdge DataServer
*Use the OpenEdge OEBuild utility to create a customized AppServer agent executable if the appropriate DataServer is not already built into the client
For more information on building an AppServer agent executable, see the sections on building OpenEdge executables in OpenEdge Deployment: Managing ABL Applications