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Developing AppServer Applications
AppServer and Client Interaction : Session models and application services : Message compression support

Message compression support

You can compress messages exchanged between the client and the AppServer. Message compression results in lower bandwidth usage. Message compression can also improve message throughput by reducing network usage. This will benefit network environments such as dial-up communication and WAN configurations. ABL clients, Java Open Clients, and .NET Open Clients support message compression. You must enable compression on a client to compress messages exchanged with an AppServer.
You can enable message compression using:
*ABL client: Use the Network Message Compression (-mc) startup parameter to enable message compression for ABL clients. For more information on the Network Message Compression startup parameter, see OpenEdge Deployment: Startup Command and Parameter Reference.
*Java Open Client and .NET Open Client: Use the property CompressionEnabled to enable compression of messages between Java Open Client/.NET Open Client and the AppServer. Use CompressionLevel property to determine the level of compression of a message exchanged between the client and the AppServer. Use CompressionThreshold property to determine the minimum size (in bytes), that the message must achieve before it gets compressed. For more information on these properties, see OpenEdge Development: Java Open Clients and OpenEdge Development: .NET Open Clients.