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Developing AppServer Applications
Programming ABL Client Applications : Running and managing remote procedures : Deleting remote persistent procedures

Deleting remote persistent procedures

As with local persistent procedures, a remote persistent procedure context remains active within an AppServer session until it is deleted using the DELETE OBJECT or DELETE PROCEDURE statement. All remote persistent procedures are also deleted when the client application disconnects from the AppServer where the procedure is active (see Disconnecting from an AppServer instance ). You can thus delete a remote persistent procedure from an ABL client session by:
*Deleting its proxy procedure handle using the DELETE OBJECT or DELETE PROCEDURE statement.
*Disconnecting the AppServer by using the DISCONNECT( ) method on the corresponding server handle. This deletes all remote persistent procedures in the AppServer session.
If the delete occurs in the context of another remote procedure request to the AppServer, the deletion is pending until the request completes and returns to the client. When the remote persistent procedure is finally deleted, both its proxy procedure handle on the client and its remote procedure handle in the AppServer agent are deleted together.
In the case of a remote single-run or singleton procedure, DELETE PROCEDURE only deletes the proxy handle on the client. This is because the management of single-run and singleton procedures is handled entirely by the AVM.