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Developing AppServer Applications
Programming the AppServer : Controlling AppServer entry points

Controlling AppServer entry points

You can control AppServer entry points for an AppServer agent at run time using the EXPORT( ) method on the SESSION handle. AppServer entry points are the pathnames of procedures in the AppServer PROPATH that a client application can execute as remote procedures (persistently or non-persistently). The EXPORT( ) method establishes entry points by allowing you to set and maintain an export list that contains the pathnames of authorized remote procedures. As such, this is a mechanism that you can use to enforce secure access to the AppServer.
The scope of the export list set by the EXPORT( ) method is the AppServer agent in which the method executes. As result, when and where you need to set the export list depends both on your AppServer operating mode and the requirements of your application. If you never set an export list using the EXPORT( ) method, client applications can call any ABL procedure on the AppServer PROPATH as a remote procedure.
This section describes how the AppServer uses an export list to limit client access to the AppServer and how you can use the EXPORT( ) method to set them. For more information on how the AppServer operating mode can affect export list settings, see the information on AppServer security in Design and Implementation Considerations.
* Export list operation
* Setting and resetting the export list
* Calling the EXPORT( ) method
* Resolving remote procedure names