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Developing AppServer Applications
Programming ABL Client Applications : Connecting an application service or AppServer instance

Connecting an application service or AppServer instance

The connection mechanism to access an application service depends largely on the session model and the operating mode that supports it. So, a connection to:
*A session-managed application service always resolves to a single connection between one AppServer and the client. This is the mechanism of a single physical connection.
*A session-free application service resolves to a pool of one or more AppServer connections (connection pool) that support client access to the application service. This is the mechanism of a single logical connectionc_asaps_appserver-and-client-interaction_oe.xml (or binding).
For more information on these two different types of connections and how the operating mode affects them, see AppServer and Client Interaction.
For both session models, you use the CONNECT( ) method on a server object handle to create the appropriate connection.
To connect an ABL client to an AppServer or application service:
1. Create a server object handle.
2. Execute the CONNECT( ) method on the server object handle, passing the parameters necessary to identify and configure the connection.
* Creating a server object handle
* Establishing a connection with the CONNECT( ) method
* Connection examples