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Developing AppServer Applications
Debugging : AppServer debugging

AppServer debugging

The Debugger supports debugging application code in a distributed environment in two modes. These modes provide two different models for debugging your distributed application. No matter what mode you are using, standard debugging commands, such as executing one or more lines of a procedure and its subprocedures, breaking and continuing at specified lines, displaying data from a procedure that you are running, and modifying any of this data, can now be used to debug remote procedures.
The two debugging modes include:
*Distributed debugging
*Remote debugging
To initiate any debugging on an AppServer, you must run it with the debuggerEnabled property (in the file) set to 1.
The following sections describe each of these modes. For a complete description of the Debugger, see OpenEdge Development: Debugging and Troubleshooting.
Note: If you have Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge installed, note that, in addition to the standalone OpenEdge Debugger that is described in this book, OpenEdge provides remote debugging support in the Debug perspective of Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge. The Debug perspective is an integral part of Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge and works directly with the ABL Editor, making it easy to identify and fix problems as you work. To debug an application on an AppServer version prior to OpenEdge Release 11.0, you must use the standalone OpenEdge Debugger.
* Distributed debugging
* Remote debugging