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Developing AppServer Applications
Programming the AppServer : Using AppServer configuration procedures : Activate and Deactivate procedures

Activate and Deactivate procedures

Activate and Deactivate procedures encapsulate logic that executes automatically for certain client requests on an AppServer running in stateless and state-free operating modes. (For information on the stateless operating mode, see the sections on operating modes in AppServer and Client Interaction) When a client application sends remote procedure requests to a stateless AppServer, each request might execute in a different AppServer agent instance. To maintain application continuity between AppServer agents, you might need to establish some application-specific resources or context before and discard the resources and context after each request. The Activate and Deactivate procedures help to manage these resources and context more easily.
Note: Context management using the SERVER-CONNECTION-CONTEXT, SERVER-CONNECTION-ID, and SERVER-CONNECTION-BOUND-REQUEST attributes applies only to the stateless operating mode. In state-free operating mode, these attributes have no meaning.
* Activate procedure
* Deactivate procedure
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