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Developing AppServer Applications
AppServer and Client Interaction : Understanding AppServer operating modes : State-aware operating mode : Connection management
Connection management
When the AppServer receives a connection request, the AppServer broker chooses an AppServer agent that is not currently dedicated to some other client application's connection. If all AppServer agents are unavailable, the AppServer broker might create another AppServer agent for the connection, or it might return an error. The result depends on how many AppServer agents are running and the values of various configuration settings.
When the client application disconnects from its AppServer agent, the AppServer agent notifies the AppServer broker that it is now available to service another client application connection.
To help an AppServer session perform common connection tasks, such as user authentication, you can configure a Connect procedure that runs for each connection request and a Disconnect procedure that runs for each disconnection request. For more information on these procedures, see Programming the AppServer.