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Command and Utility Reference : WSAMAN export

WSAMAN export

Creates a WSD file on the local system from an existing Web service on an existing WSA instance. This facilitates updating a production Web service, cloning a Web service, or moving a Web service from WSA instance to WSA instance.


Operating system
   -name wsainstance-name
   { -appname app-friendlyname
      | -namespace app-targetnamespace }
   [ -wsd wsd-location-on-wsaman-machine ]
-name wsainstance-name
The name of the WSA instance to which the Web service is deployed.
-appname app-friendlyname
The friendly name of the Web service.
-namespace app-targetnamespace
The target namespace of the Web service.
-wsd wsd-location-on-wsaman-machine
The path of the WSD file on the WSAMAN machine.
If this parameter is not supplied, -export creates the file friendlyname.wsd in the current working directory.


When a Web service is exported and imported, the imported Web service is disabled and a friendlyname.props file identical to the original is created for it.