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WebSpeed Administration : Configuring WebSpeed in Windows : WebSpeed administration : The AdminService
The AdminService
The AdminService, the core of the common administration framework, supports the managing of WebSpeed and other OpenEdge products (for example, NameServer, database, DataServer).
The AdminService runs as a service in Windows and on UNIX. By default, it starts automatically.
To start the AdminService if you have altered the default behavior:
1. From the Windows taskbar, choose Start > Control Panel > Settings > Administrative Tools > Services.
2. Select the AdminService for OpenEdge, and choose Start.
Alternately, you can run a command from a command prompt or a batch file similar to the following:
NET START "AdminService for OpenEdge version"
Where version is the version number of OpenEdge. You can find the version number for your installation by going to the OpenEdge folder in your Windows Start menu and choosing Version Info.