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REST Administration : REST Management Agent Administration : Managing REST Management Agent : Starting and testing a REST Management Agent : Testing a REST Management Agent
Testing a REST Management Agent
After you create and start a REST Management Agent, you can test it to see if it has started properly.
To test a REST Management Agent:
1. Confirm that the REST Management Agent started correctly by checking for the presence of the files and directories in the following table:
Check for the REST Management Agent's . . .
which resides in the directory. . .
*Log file (Agent-name.log)
*Default REST Management Agent properties (
*Default REST Web application properties file (default.props)
*Holding deployed REST Web applications (WARs)
By Default:
2. Browse the URL http://host-name:port-number/oerm/index.html to see whether the URL is activated.
Note: The URL is activated only when the REST Management Agent has been correctly installed and configured.
For instance, if you are using the Tomcat server and you are using the default ports, you can browse the URL http://localhost:8980/oerm/index.html