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REST Administration : REST Web Application Administration : Managing REST Web applications : SSL support for REST Web applications : SSL-related REST Web application properties
SSL-related REST Web application properties
You can set the following properties as defaults for the REST Web application deployed on a given REST Management Agent:
Note: The REST Web application properties reside in its runtime.props file (typically, in the folder application-name\WEB-INF).
*appServiceProtocol — Assigns a value of AppServerS or AppServerDCS to support SSL communication with the AppServer
*noHostVerify — Controls whether the REST Web application compares the host name of the connecting AppServer with the Common Name specified in the server digital certificate
*noSessionReuse — Controls whether the service requests reuse of the session ID for successive connections to the same AppServer
For more information about these and other REST Web application properties, see Reference to OpenEdge Web Service Properties.