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WebSpeed Administration : Connecting WebSpeed to a Data Source : Creating an international Web site : Configuring agents : Session options
Session options
Supporting an international Web site means more than just supporting several languages. You must also support the cultural difference in date formats and numeric notations. WebSpeed allows you to control how agents display and process date information and numeric conventions. The Date (-d) parameter lets you specify the format that an agent uses to process dates. By default, an agent processes dates as month, day, year. To display a date as day, month, year, specify -d dmy in the agent's parameter (.pf) file. The European Numeric Format (-E) parameter specifies that a comma (,) represents the decimal point instead of a period (.).
In Windows, another aspect of an agent's session environment that you control through startup parameters is which initialization (.ini) file an agent uses. If you want an agent to display error messages in a language other than the default language you chose for your WebSpeed installation, you must use an initialization file to set the PROMSGS option to the appropriate version of the PROMSGS file. The WebSpeed agent can use the [WinChar Startup] section of the initialization file, so you must set PROMSGS there. Specify the Initialization File (-ininame) parameter to specify the name of the initialization file you customized for the agent.