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Command and Utility Reference : RESTMAN setprops (Application)

RESTMAN setprops (Application)

Sets a property of a REST Web application.
All the properties of an application are in its runtime.props file.
Note: You must not set the serviceAvailable property using the setprops command as that might lead to errors. You must set the property using RESTMAN enable and RESTMAN disable. For more information about the commands, see RESTMAN enable and the RESTMAN disable.


Operating system
   -name instance-name
   -appname application-name
   -prop property-name
   -value new-property-value
-name instance-name
The name of the REST Management Agent instance.
-appname application-name
The name of the REST Web application.
-prop property-name
The property of the REST Web application.
-value new-value-name
The new value you want to set as default for the property.
For information on the properties, see Reference to OpenEdge Web Service Properties.