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Command and Utility Reference : RESTMAN getprops (Management Agent)

RESTMAN getprops (Management Agent)

Displays the current value of the properties of Rest Management Agent that can be changed while the Agent is running.
The REST Management Agent's properties reside in the file. By default, the file is located in <web server directory>\oerm\WEB-INF\\.
The following are the properties you can get for a REST Management Agent:
*adminEnabled — Specifies whether administrator privileges are in effect, either enabled or disabled.
*description — Specifies the description of the RESTManagement Agent instance.
*logAppend — Specifies whether to start a new log file each time the server is restarted, either true or false.
*logEntryTypes — Specifies a list of logging entry types separated by commas.
*logFile — Specifies the location and name of the REST Management Agent log file.
*loggingLevel — Specifies the amount of information to be written to the broker log.
*managerPropertiesURI — Specifies the identifier for the REST Management Agent resource. This is a read-only property.
*name — Specifies the name of the REST Management Agent.
*propertiesFileName— Specifies the path and name of the file.
*webAppEnabled — Controls the REST Management Agent's ability to accept and process requests to any of its deployed REST Web applications.


Operating system
   -name instance-name
-name instance-name
The name of the REST Management Agent instance.