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Command and Utility Reference : RESTMAN deploy

RESTMAN deploy

Deploys a REST Web application (WAR) on the Web server.
This command transfers the REST Web application's WAR file to the servlet container on which the REST Management Agent is installed.


Operating system
   -name instance-name
   -war war-location-on-restman-machine
   [ -appname application-name ]
-name instance-name
The name of the REST Management Agent instance.
-war war-location-on-restman-machine
The path of the WAR file on the RESTMAN machine.
-appname application-name
The name of the REST Web application that you want to deploy on the Web server. This replaces the value in the WAR file.


*The WAR file must be accessible from the machine running OpenEdge Management, OpenEdge Explorer, or the RESTMAN utility; that is, located on a local drive or a mapped network drive.
*When a REST Web application is deployed, it is initially disabled.
*All the properties of the Rest Management Agent are in its default.props file which is used to initialize the runtime.props file of each REST Web application deployed on the Web server.