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Introduction : Overview of Server and Services Administration : REST Management Agent for REST Web application administration

REST Management Agent for REST Web application administration

A REST Management Agent is a component of Progress OpenEdge that you use to deploy, configure, and manage a Java container's (or Web server's) OpenEdge REST Web applications. Technically, the REST Management Agent is a Java Web application that acts as an intermediary for you to communicate with the deployed REST Web applications. It helps you enable or disable the application, collect statistics, and provide a run-time configuration for a REST Web application.
OpenEdge provides three clients—OpenEdge Management, OpenEdge Explorer, and RESTMAN utility—that use a REST Management Agent to manage the REST Web applications.
For more information on working with OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer to administer REST Management Agent and the REST Web applications, see the OpenEdge Management and OpenEdge Explorer: Configuration manual. For more information on REST Web application administration and on using RESTMAN utility, see Part 6, "REST Administration."