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Command and Utility Reference : PROADSV


Starts, stops, and queries the status of the AdminServer on UNIX. In Windows, you start the AdminService as a Windows service using the Services applet in the Control Panel.


Operating system
proadsv { -start | -stop | -query }
[ -port port-number]
[ -adminport port-number]
[ -help ]
Starts the AdminServer.
Stops the AdminServer.
Displays the AdminServer status.
-port port-number
Specifies the listening port number. If a port number is not specified, the port defaults to 20931.
-adminport port-number
Specifies the port number used by the AdminServer for database broker communication. If a port number is not specified, the adminport defaults to port 7844.
Displays the command-line help.


The following table shows several examples that use the NSCONFIG command. Assume the NameServer is NS1.
Table 103. PROADSV command examples
Start the AdminServer on UNIX
proadsv -start
Start the AdminServer on UNIX using a specified port
proadsv -port port-number -start
Query the AdminServer on UNIX
proadsv -host host-name -user
user-name -query
For more information on the PROADSV utility, see OpenEdge Getting Started: Installation and Configuration or OpenEdge Data Management: Database Administration.