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Messaging and ESB Administration : Configuring and Managing the OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB : Using the OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB : Creating an OpenEdge service instance : Generating a WSDL file from the OpenEdge Resource Editor
Generating a WSDL file from the OpenEdge Resource Editor
You have the option of associating a WSDL file with your service. By generating the correct WSDL file and associating it with your service, you can use the Sonic Web Services Call Composer to generate calls to your service from a workflow.
To generate a WSDL file from the Resource Editor:
1. Open the Sonic Management Console.
2. Click the Configure tab.
3. Right-click the WSM file of your service, then click Open in the pop-up menu. The Edit OpenEdge Service Definition dialog appears:
4. Click Generate WSDL. The Generate WSDL dialog box appears:
5. Specify a Web Service URL that points directly to the service using a sonic: URL address. A sonic: URL address consists of three slash-delimited parts, as shown in the following table:
Address part
Represents the Sonic protocol with no host or port
Represents the Sonic domain the service is running on, or local for the current domain
Represents the name of the service
For more information, see Sonic ESB Developer's Guide.
6. In the File Name field, specify a File Name for the WSDL file by either typing the absolute or relative pathname or click Browse, navigate to the directory where you want to create the file, enter a filename, and click Open.
7. Click OK to generate the WSDL file and save it locally.