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Command and Utility Reference : ESBOEGEN


ESBOEGEN processes annotated ABL source files to generate .esboe files.


Operating system
esboegen [-source directory]
         [-esboe directory |-archive filename]
         [-rcode directory]
-source directory
Specify the directory containing annotated ABL files.
-esboe directory
Specify the destination directory for generated .esboe files.
-archive filename
Specify the name of an archive (.xar) file to hold all the generated .esboe files. filename must be a fully qualified filename.
-rcode directory
Specify the directory containing the compiled r-code that corresponds to either the directory specified with -source or the listed files. This parameter is required to process ABL code if it contains temp-table definitions containing the keyword LIKE.
Direct ESBOEGEN to recursively search all subdirectories for ABL code. When specified, a corresponding directory tree is built in the output directory specified with -esboe or in the archive specified with -archive.
A comma separated list of ABL files. If a fully qualified file name is not specified, then ESBOEGEN looks for the file in the current working directory.


*Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge is required to run ESBOEGEN, and is only supported in Windows.
*You cannot specify both -esboe and -archive.
*ESBOEGEN selects the output destination of the generated .esboe files to according to the following order of precedence:
*Destination specified by -esboe or -archive
*Directory specified by -rcode
*Directory specified -source
*Directory specified for file name listed with files