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AppServer and Internet Adapter Administration : Configuring and Managing the AppServer Internet Adapter : Installing and configuring Web servers and Java container : Enabling the Web server or Java container for SSL operation
Enabling the Web server or Java container for SSL operation
Complete this procedure as part of the process of enabling the AIA for SSL communications.
To secure the Web server or Java container:
1. Send a request to a Certificate Authority for a digital certificate.
2. Receive the certificate from the Certificate Authority.
3. Install the certificate on the Web server.
4. Enable encryption on the Web server.
At the client machine, the Root Certification Authority (CA) certificate for all server certificates must be installed before HTTPS can be used. For WebClients and ABL clients, the Root CA certificates must be installed in the OpenEdge-Install-Directory/certs directory, where OpenEdge-Install-Directory identifies the directory where OpenEdge is installed. Root CA certificates for publicly available and well-known CAs, such as Verisign©, are automatically installed into the OpenEdge-Install-Directory/certs directory during the OpenEdge installation.
For more information about OpenEdge SSL support, see OpenEdge Getting Started: Core Business Services - Security and Auditing and Security considerations for AIA administration.