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Messaging and ESB Administration : Configuring and Managing the OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB : Using the OpenEdge Adapter for Sonic ESB : Editing OpenEdge service properties : Editing the default service properties
Editing the default service properties
Use this procedure to set default properties that will be in effect for services based on a given WSM or WSD file used with the Web Service Invocation methodology. The values that you specify will apply unless they are overridden for specific service instances.
To edit service defaults:
1. Start the Sonic Management Console.
2. Select the Configure tab, then click on the Resources folder.
3. Click OpenEdge Services.
4. Right-click on the WSM file you want to edit, then select Open from the pop-up menu. The Edit OpenEdge Service Definition window appears:
5. The Deployment Information tab includes the following fields:
*Web Service Namespace — This namespace uniquely identifies the service and its elements within Sonic ESB. It must meet the requirements of an XML namespace value. (This default can be overridden by a service-specific value.)
*SOAP Action URI — This is an optional value; if specified, it can be any string. If you enter a value, any client accessing the service as a Web service must place that value in the SOAPAction HTTP header when it invokes operations on the service.
Enter or modify these values as appropriate. Then click the Runtime Properties tab.
6. The Runtime Properties tab shows the values of various properties that affect execution of the service:
If the service was designed to use the session-managed session model, more properties are listed than are shown in the illustration above. For an explanation of each property, see Reference to OpenEdge Web Service Properties.
The following properties can be overridden by service-specific values entered in the SMC:
After setting the properties as appropriate, click the Deployment Information tab if you want to generate a WSDL file, or click OK to save your changes.