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WebSpeed Administration : WebSpeed Security : Changing WebSpeed applications from development mode to production mode : Disabling WSMAdmin
Disabling WSMAdmin
You can use OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer to disable the WSMAdmin utility.
To disable the WSMAdmin utility with OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer:
1. Click Resources in the management console menu bar. Expand the container name; the main resource types appear in the list frame.
2. In the list frame, expand the OpenEdge category.
3. Expand the Messengers category, and select the specific messenger whose internal commands you want to disable. The Details page for that messenger appears in the detail frame.
4. Click Configuration.
5. Click Edit.
6. On the Advanced tab, deselect the check box next to the Internal administration command.
7. If you are changing this value for either a WSISA or WSNSA Messenger, re-start your web server.
Verify that the Messenger Internal Commands are disabled. You should not be able to access the WSMAdmin utility and its features from a Web browser.
You can also disable the internal commands for a WebSpeed messenger by editing the file.
* Disabling the WSMAdmin utility using the file