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Web Services Adapter Administration : Web Services Adapter Security Configurations : Alphabetical list of configuration instructions : Disabling WSDL listings
Disabling WSDL listings
Each WSA instance provides a listing of the WSDL files associated with the Web service applications deployed to the WSA instance. For each WSDL file available, the listing provides a URL for accessing it.
When you install the WSA, you can choose to enable security. In this case, security is preset to enable access to WSDL listings. But you can disable this access. The technique for doing so depends on whether the WSA instance resides locally (on the AdminServer machine) or remotely (not on the AdminServer machine).
Note: Neither technique disables access to the WSA instance's WSDL files individually.
If the WSA instance resides locally, select the WSA instance in OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer, click Configuration, and then click Security to bring up the Security properties. In the Security tab, disable WSDL listings for the WSA instance.
If the WSA instance resides remotely, in the file from which the WSA instance's properties are initialized, in the section for the WSA instance, set the enableWsdlListing property to 0, as shown: