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REST Administration : REST Web Application Administration : Managing REST Web applications : Debugging HTTP messages of a REST Web application : Disabling HTTP message dumping
Disabling HTTP message dumping
Enabling HTTP message dumping is a REST Web application performance and security concern. Therefore, Progress recommends that you enable this only for debugging purposes, and disable it after debugging.
To disable HTTP message dumping:
1. Stop the Tomcat Web server on which the REST Web application is hosted.
Note: If you are using the Tomcat Web server shipped with Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge, you can start and stop your Tomcat Web server using the protc utility.
2. Replace Web server’s file and the REST application’s web.xml file with its instance that exists from before you updated the files for HTTP message debugging. Executing the following commands:
cp %DLC%\servers\tomcat\conf\ %DLC%\servers\tomcat\conf\
cp %CATALINA_BASE%\webapps\<REST_Web_Application_Name>\WEB-INF\web.xml.orig %DLC%\servers\tomcat\conf\web.xml
Essentially, as part of this step, you are removing all the modifications in the and the web.xml files that you did as part of enabling HTTP message dumping.