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WebSpeed Administration : Connecting WebSpeed to a Data Source : Connecting to an OpenEdge RDBMS : Connecting to a local database
Connecting to a local database
The parameter file that contains information for connecting to a local database must include at least the database name. If the database files do not reside in the agent's working directory, you must fully qualify the database pathname. If you want the agent to connect to more than one database at a time, you must use the full database path with the Physical Database Name (-db) parameter to specify each additional database. The following parameter file connects an agent to the Sports2000 demonstration database:
srvrStartupParam=-p web\objects\web-disp.p -cpstream iso8859-1 -weblogerror -db c:\wrk\sports2000
Note: The srvrStartupParam property is a dynamic property. Any changes to this property only affects new agents started after the value changes because the change affects how the agent is started. Existing (running) brokers and agents are not updated with the new value.
By default, this connection uses shared memory. If you want to use a network connection instead, specify the Host Name (-H) and Service Name (-S) parameters (described in Table 59) when you connect to the database. The network type defaults to TCP.