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REST Administration : REST Management Agent and REST Web Application Security Configurations : Using Single Point of Authentication security configurations : Configure the SPA security configuration model
Configure the SPA security configuration model
The OpenEdge SPA implementation supplies an authentication provider and a user details services module that accesses an OpenEdge AppServer to obtain user account information and supply it to the Spring security's authentication process. You require the OpenEdge AppServer used by the user details services for installing and supporting an OpenEdge-defined Realm service interface that helps you find user account information, obtain user attributes, and validate the user account's password.
After choosing the SPA security configuration model from Select and apply an SPA security configuration, you must configure the SPA security model, appSecurity-XXXX-oerealm.xml, as instructed in the following table:
Table 90. SPA security configuration settings
<b:bean id="OERealmAuthProvider"
OERealmAuthProvider" >
All the properties of the OpenEdge Realm authentication provider.
The configurations of the authentication provider are used to create a ClientPrincipal that is delivered to the AppServer for each request.
For information about setting OERealmAuthProvider properties, see OERealmAuthProvider properties.
<b:bean id="OERealmUserDetails"
OERealmUserDetailsImpl" >
All the properties of the user details services.
For information about setting OERealmUserDetails properties, see OERealmUserDetails properties.
* OERealmAuthProvider properties
* OERealmUserDetails properties