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AppServer and Internet Adapter Administration : Configuring and Managing the AppServer Internet Adapter : Viewing AppServer Internet Adapter connection and configuration information : Configuration information
Configuration information
Configuration information comes from the file. This sample shows configuration information using the following URL:
The following figure shows AIA configuration information for the previous sample URL.
Figure 4. AIA configuration information
The configuration information includes the following:
*ID — An identification number used for tracking connections. A connection ID is assigned when the connection is made.
*User Info — Identifies the user. This information displays either just the user name, the user name and password, or the value None.
*AppSvc — Identifies the application service being used by the connection.
*Host:Port — Host and port of the client process using the connection.
*#Pkt Sent — Number of packets sent during a connection.
*#Pkt Rcvd — Number of packets received during a connection.
*Connected — Time the client connected.
*Last Accessed — Last time a request was sent or received.