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WebSpeed Administration : Configuring WebSpeed in Windows : Setting up WebSpeed on the Web server machine : Installing the Messenger executable : Compatibility with the Web server type and operating system
Compatibility with the Web server type and operating system
The Messenger executable comes with the WebSpeed Transaction Server. The Messenger is installed in the scripts directory of the Web server, which you specify during an OpenEdge installation.
If you install the WebSpeed Transaction Server on an operating system that is different from the operating system that runs your Web server, you need to download a compatible Messenger. Access the Progress Software Download Center and log in to your account at Navigate to the WebSpeed Messenger download page by selecting Download Software and then Progress® Deployment Components. This is necessary because you must install a Messenger that is compatible with the Web server's operating system. For example, if you are distributing WebSpeed components across networked machines and your Web server is running on UNIX, be sure to install a WebSpeed Messenger executable that is suitable for running on UNIX. Make sure that you download a Messenger for the appropriate UNIX platform and for the appropriate Web server type.