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WebSpeed Administration : WebSpeed Dynamic Code-page Support : Basic browser-agent interaction

Basic browser-agent interaction

In order to understand dynamic code-page support, it is necessary to understand how the Web browser and the WebSpeed agent interact in a typical WebSpeed configuration. (For information on typical WebSpeed configurations, see OpenEdge Getting Started: WebSpeed Essentials.) For the moment, ignore the Web server, the WebSpeed Messenger, the WebSpeed broker, and code pages. Assume that a browser and an agent have established communication.
The browser and agent interact as follows:
1. The browser sends a Web request.
2. The Web request is received by the agent.
3. The agent runs the Web Object (the WebSpeed application).
4. The WebSpeed application creates a Web page.
5. The agent sends the Web page.
6. The Web page is received by the browser.
The preceding steps repeat.