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WebSpeed Administration : Configuring WebSpeed on UNIX : Overview of the file

Overview of the file

The file is the property file for the WebSpeed Transaction Server, WebSpeed Messengers, and the NameServer. All values that define instances of the WebSpeed Transaction Server and the NameServer are stored within this file. The command-line utilities and OpenEdge Management/OpenEdge Explorer use this information when working with instances of all processes.
The file resides in the install-path/properties directory. It is a fully commented file containing information relevant to setting properties for your WebSpeed configuration.
Note: The AppServer and the DataServers also use the file to store configuration data. For the purposes of this guide, the file focus is on the WebSpeed Transaction Server and the NameServer. See the appropriate manual for details about viewing and editing configurations applicable to the other products.
* The file structure
* Editing the file