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Reference to Dynamic Server Properties : Overview


Properties are generally set by an administrator before an AppServer broker is started and those property values are used as long as the broker runs. To change these property values, an AppServer broker must be stopped first, have its properties updated, and then be restarted.
Some properties, called dynamic properties, can be changed while the AppServer broker is running. How a change to one of these properties affects the server depends on the particular property. Some properties when changed will be available immediately for reference by running agents as well as newly launched agents. Other properties, if changed, will only affect newly launched agents. Existing agents will continue to use the value they obtained when they were started.
DataServer brokers also start by reading server properties from the file. Dynamic properties that affect DataServer brokers pass on any changed values to newly started DataServer agents.
Each AppServer has a master property that enables or disables the use of dynamic property updates for that server. The property called allowRuntimeUpdates controls whether an AppServer allows runtime updates to properties. It is located in the [UBroker] section of the file. The following table describes the valid settings for this property:
Table 110. allowRuntimeUpdates property values
Runtime property changes will not be allowed for this application server. This is the default value.
Runtime property changes will be allowed for this application server. The AppServer will listen for changes to the file and reload all value and behavioral properties. This is true whether the file is directly edited or changed through OpenEdge Management/OpenEdge Explorer, or any other tool.