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Corticon Server: Deploying Web Services with .NET : Conceptual overview of the .NET server : What is the Corticon Server for .NET?

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What is the Corticon Server for .NET?

Corticon Servers implement web services for business rules defined in Corticon Studios.
The Corticon Server for .NET is a high-performance, scalable and reliable system resource that manages pools of Decision Services and executes their rules against incoming requests. The Corticon Server for .NET can be easily configured as a web services server, which exposes the Decision Services as true web services.
Corticon Server is provided in two installation sets: Corticon Server for Java, and Corticon Server for .NET.
*The Corticon Server for deploying web services with .NET -- the product documented here -- facilitates deployment on Windows .NET framework and Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) that are packaged in the supported operating systems. The .NET server is a component part of the Corticon Server installer. This document describes deployment features specific to Corticon Server for .NET. See the and the Data Integration Guide for more information.
*The Corticon Server for deploying web services with Java is supported on various application servers, databases, and client web browsers. After installation on a supported Windows platform, that server installation's deployment artifacts can be redeployed on various UNIX and Linux web service platforms. See the Progress Software web page Progress Corticon 5.7 - Supported Platforms Matrix for more information.