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What's New in Corticon : What's new and changed in Corticon 5.6

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What's new and changed in Corticon 5.6

This section summarizes the new, enhanced, and changed features in Progress® Corticon® 5.6.
* Improved process for custom extended operators and service callouts
* Enhancements to Corticon Studio Tester
* Find precise location of problems in editors
* Finding entity, attribute and association references
* Create graphs of attribute and logical dependencies
* Use Natural Language expressions on filters
* Start designing rules using Natural Language
* Add comments to Rulesheets
* Create flexible Corticon Studio reports
* REST API to return a Decision Service's Vocabulary metadata
* REST API to pass a Decision Service as a URL parameter
* Improved Web Console
* Settings to use Rule Execution Recording on Decision Services
* Deployment security: Authentication and encryption
* Automatic building and validation of projects
* Simplified installation
* Miscellany