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Corticon Server: Deploying Web Services with .NET : Consuming a Decision Service on .NET server : Path 3: Using SOAP client to consume a Decision Service : Web services messaging styles

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Web services messaging styles
There are also two types of messaging styles commonly used in web services:
1. RPC-style, which is a simpler, less-capable messaging style generally used to send smaller messages and receive single variable answers. Some of the administrative methods in Corticon Server's SOAP API use RPC-style messaging.
2. Document-style, which is more complex, but allows for richer content, both in request and response messages. Corticon Server for .NET’s execute method is most commonly invoked through document-style messaging because of its ability to work with a complex data payload.
Important: Any SOAP client or SOAP-capable application used to consume a Decision Service deployed to the Corticon Server must use document-style messaging. See the Integration & Deployment Guide for complete details on proper structure of a compliant request message.