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Corticon Server: Data Integration Guide : A closer look at how Corticon relates to Datasources : Validation of names against SQL keywords and database restrictions

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Validation of names against SQL keywords and database restrictions

Commercial databases, such as Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, use specific words for defining, manipulating, and accessing databases. These reserved keywords are part of the grammar used to parse and understand statements. Do not use database reserved words for Corticon Entity, Attribute, and Association names when creating the schema in Corticon. Your database support pages list reserved words -- for example, SQL Server 2012 -- that you should review as you prepare your Vocabulary for enterprise data connection.
Corticon makes a best-effort to validate the names against the SQL keywords against the database restrictions for column and table naming (such as length of a table name), and then validates generated column names (such as Foreign Key (FK) columns) against SQL keywords and table/column name restrictions.
Note: It is good practice to ensure that database columns not have hyphens, spaces or other special characters (even though some databases and SQL parsers allow them). The generally accepted valid values are all alphanumeric characters and the underscore character. It is a plus to use all-lowercase names to avoid platform case inconsistencies. For more information on Corticon's accepted names, see the topic Vocabulary node naming restrictions