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Corticon Server: Data Integration Guide : Advanced EDC Topics : Mapping and validating EDC database metadata : Validating EDC database mappings

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Validating EDC database mappings
Once the Vocabulary has been mapped (either automatically or manually) to the imported database metadata, the mappings must be verified by clicking the MAPPING Validate button on the datasource panel, as shown:
If all the mappings are valid, then a confirmation window opens:
If anything in the mappings does not validate, then a list of problems is generated:
These problems must be corrected before the Decision Service can be deployed.
Note: For a more detailed discussion of validation, see Types of mapping validation and validation errors

Writing rules that access data through the EDC connection

With the EDC connection established, mapped, and validated, you can proceed to the Rule Modeling Guide section Writing Rules to access external data to create and test rules that use the EDC connection.