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Corticon Studio: Quick Reference Guide : Documenting Rule Assets : Using the Comments View

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Using the Comments View

The Comments view lists all comments associated with a rule asset and its elements. If the view is not currently showing, select the menu command Window > Show View > Comments.
The Comments view opens as a tab in the asset's workspace, as illustrated:
*DateTime: Displays the date and time when the comment was added or last edited. Read-only.
*User: Displays the name of the person that created the comment or last edited it. Read-only.
*Type: Identifies the type of comment entered: Note, TODO, Change Log, or Needs Review. The type can be changed.
*Category: Displays the class of element that was commented. Read-only.
*Item: Identifies the location of the item commented. Read-only.
*Text: Contains the body of the comment. The text can be edited as appropriate.

Editing a comment

To manage an existing comment:
*Edit: Double-click on a row in the Comments view to open that comment in the Edit Comment dialog where you can change the Type or Text of the comment.
*Undo|Redo: On the menu, select Edit > Undo and Edit > Redo to modify your changes.
*Delete: Select one or more comments in the Comments view, then right-click and choose Delete.

Managing the listed comments

The Comments view lets you sort, filter, and search the comments list.
*Filter : Turn auto filtering on to limit the displayed comments to just those defined for the item selected in the active asset editor. When auto filtering is off, all comments defined in the asset are displayed.
*Sort: Click a column header in Comments view to sort displayed comments by that field in ascending or descending order.
*Search: Enter search text in the Search field of the Comments view to display only comments containing that text in the text area.
*Navigation: Click on a comment in the Comments view to highlight in orange the Item range of the comment.