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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Packaging and deploying Decision Services : Using Studio to compile and deploy Decision Services

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Using Studio to compile and deploy Decision Services

Within Corticon Studio you can package and deploy Decision Services. This is particularly useful during development and testing. In production, you typically would not deploy from Studio.

Adding additional JARs for selected projects

When projects require additional JARS, they can be included in the Decision Service package. These could be for extended operators, service callouts, ADC, or business object JARs for Java Object Messaging.
To add JARs to a project:
1. Right-click on a project name in the Studio's Project Explorer that requires additional JARs, and then choose Properties.
2. Click Corticon Extensions.
3. Navigate in the panel to locate and list all the JAR files used by the project, as illustrated:
All the listed JARs will be added to compiled EDS as dependent JARs, but only the ones that are checked will also be included in the compiled EDS file.
4. Click OK to save the project properties.
It is a good idea to include a JAR in the package as it ensures that it won't be affected by any variations of that JAR elsewhere. However, there are cases -- such as where many Decision Services are dependent on the same large JAR -- where it is more efficient to reference it at a common location on servers.

Setting the context for packaging

The projects that will be presented in the Studio's Package and Deploy Decision Services wizard are determined by the Project Explorer selections and the project of the current file in an editor. To set a context for the wizard:
*In the Project Explorer, click one (or Ctrl-click to choose several) Projects. All the Ruleflows in those projects will be listed, as well as projects related to files in open Corticon editors.
*If no projects are selected, the Ruleflows in the project of the active Corticon editor file will be selected and listed.
*If no projects are selected and no Corticon editors are open, Ruleflows in all projects in the current workspace will be selected and listed.

Starting the Package and Deploy Decision Services wizard

Once you have set the wizard's context, choose the Project menu's Package and Deploy Decision Services action, as shown:
Note: You can choose the same action in the right-click menu of the Project Explorer.
The Package and Deploy Decision Services wizard opens:
The packaged Decision Services can be saved in the file system, or deployed directly into an available Corticon Server at a specified location and port. Select your preference, and then click Next.
* Compiling and deploying to a Corticon Server
* Compiling and saving to Studio disk for later deployment
* Deploying Decision Services into Web Console Applications from Studio