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Corticon Server: Web Console Guide : Administrator's Guide : User management : Using LDAP for Web Console authentication

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Using LDAP for Web Console authentication
You can also set up LDAP authentication, if business needs require your users to be authenticated through an LDAP server. After LDAP authentication is set up, LDAP users who log in to the Web Console are added to the Users page. LDAP users are differentiated from other users by the LDAP/AD annotation. Note that while LDAP users can be deleted from the Users page, their details cannot be modified in the Web Console.
To configure LDAP authentication, edit the file CorticonServerConsoleConfig.groovy located in [CORTICON_WORK_DIR]\etc.
Uncomment all property lines in this file and enter values for the first four properties. Here is an example:
To map Web Console Admin and User roles to LDAP user groups, specify the user group names in the ldap{}section at the bottom as shown. Use commas to define multiple user groups for each role.
After setting these properties, save the file and restart Corticon Server. LDAP users can log then in to Web Console using their LDAP user credentials. Once an LDAP user logs in, they are added to the USERS page in Web Console.
Note: Setting up LDAP authentication adds LDAP users to the Web Console user base. You can add other users in the USERS page and have them access Web Console using their Web Console user credentials.