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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Packaging and deploying Decision Services : Using Deployment Descriptors to deploy Decision Services

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Using Deployment Descriptors to deploy Decision Services

A Deployment Descriptor file is an XML text file that identifies one or more Ruleflows or Decision Services to be deployed, and the properties to be set on the Decision Service.
You can create CDD files with either an XML editor or the Server Deployment Console.
When you specify Ruleflows in a CDD file, the Corticon Server performs the compilation of the Ruleflow to create the Decision Service to be deployed. When you precompile Decision Services (.eds) files and specify them in the CDD, the overhead of compilation does not impact system performance -- this is highly recommended for production deployments.
To get a taste for authoring a CDD file, create one in the Server Deployment Console, and then open the .cdd file in a text editor to see how it is formatted. You will readily see how the parameter names correspond to fields in the Deployment Console. You can then add other properties that are not produced through the Deployment Console.
* Structure of a Deployment Descriptor (.cdd) file
* Setting properties in a CDD file
* Setting deployment properties in a CDD file through APIs
* Example of a complete CDD file
* Using the Server Deployment Console
* Setting the autoloaddir property