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Corticon Studio: Rule Modeling Guide : Troubleshooting Rulesheets and Ruleflows : Using Corticon Studio to reproduce the behavior

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Using Corticon Studio to reproduce the behavior

It is always helpful to build and save known-good Ruletests (.ert files) for the Corticon Rulesheets and Ruleflows you intend to deploy. A known-good Ruletest not only verifies your Rulesheet or Ruleflow is producing the expected results for a given scenario, it also enables you to re-test and re-verify these results at any time in future.
If you do not have a known-good Ruletest, you will want to build one now to verify that the Ruleflow, as it exists right now, is producing the expected results. If you have access to the actual data set or scenario that produced the error in the first place, it is especially helpful to use it here now. Run the Ruletest.
* Running a Ruletest in Corticon Studio
* Analyzing Ruletest results
* Tracing rule execution
* Identifying the breakpoint
* At the breakpoint
* Partial rule firing
* Initializing null attributes
* Handling nulls in compare operations