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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Secure servers with authentication and encryption : Implementing deployment security : Setting up authentication for secure server access : Securing Server endpoints : Using authentication in server test scripts

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Using authentication in server test scripts
You can enter a username and password in test applications that can be used for authentication against a secured server. In a test application, you can change the connection properties by selecting option 0 (zero). That option has parameters that add a username and password to use with all calls to the remote server in the session. For example:
To clear the username and password, press Enter at the username or password prompts.
Note: Depending on how you secured the Corticon Server, you may need to use option 0 (zero) often. For example, if the URLs services/CorticonAdmin and services/CorticonExecute have different constraints with different Role Names in the web.xml, then you will need to switch back and forth between Admin approved username/password and Execute username/password depending on what you want to do. To make things easier, it is a good idea to have just one constraint for both URLs.