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Corticon Server: Web Console Guide : User's Guide : Decision Services and Applications : Using Applications

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Using Applications
An Application is a group of Decision Services that you can deploy to a Server or Server Group. When you deploy an Application to a Server Group, all Decision Services in the Application are deployed to each of the Corticon Servers in the Server Group. Further, if a new server is added to the Server Group, the Web Console automatically deploys the Application to it. An Application is therefore, a unit of deployment. It enables you to manage a set of related Decision Services more easily.
In order to add a Decision Service to an Application, you need to have a Decision Service file (.eds) that was packaged from a Ruleflow. There are several toolsets that perform this task, as discussed in the section Packaging and deploying Decision Services .
A feature of Corticon Studio, as described in Deploying Decision Services into Web Console Applications from Studio , enables you to select Ruleflows in a project to deploy as Decision Services that are sent to a new or existing Application assigned to a server or server group managed in a Web Console. As a result, the Decision Services are immediately deployed (or redeployed) to the server or all active servers in the Server Group.