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Corticon Server: Web Console Guide : User's Guide

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User's Guide

A server administrator uses a web browser to connect to a running Web Console Server. You will see how the Web Console interface works, how you manage Corticon Servers in a distributed architecture, and how you manage and monitor the Decision Services that run on those servers.
Note: If you have not yet installed Corticon Server with the Web Console component on any network-accessible machine, refer to the Corticon Installation Guide for more information.
To connect to a running Web Console Server:
*On any device, in a supported browser, enter the hostname where Web Console is running followed by the port value (typically 8850) and then /corticon. For example:
*When you are on the machine that hosts the Web Console installation, simply choose Start > Progress > Corticon 5.7 Web Console
Logging in to the Web Console
Enter your user credentials in the Web Console login page. When you start using the Web Console, the one pre-defined user is the administrative user, admin, with the default password admin. If you are the administrator, you should change the default password soon after you log in. Only the admin user can add new users. All users have rights to deploy and manage Decision Services. If your role is as a user, obtain your user credentials from your Web Console administrator.
What Do You Want To Do?
When you log in for the first time, you see a welcome page that acquaints you with the Web Console's functions. You also can access What's New in Corticon.
Click any action button on the welcome page, the title bar, or the function pane to close the welcome page and open the chosen page.
You can re-open the welcome page by clicking in the upper left corner of the page:
The general navigation elements of Web Console pages are:
*Title bar:
*The navigation path to the current page in the Web Console.
*English: The default language is shown. Choose your preferred available language from its drop-down list to view text in that language as well as localized formatting of dates and numbers.
*Help Contents: Opens a new tab linked to the online version of Web Console help for this release.. The online help provides Google Translate that lets you choose to view the text of the documentation in any of dozens of languages. To use this setting, click the 'globe' icon in the documentation website's toolbar, select your preferred language, and click Translate.
*About: Version information about the connected Web Console Server.
*Community: Opens a new tab linked to the Progress Corticon community site.
*admin (the User Name that enabled log in)
*Profile: Lets the user change their password, full name, and email address.
*Preferences: Lets the user maintain their options.
*Logout: Closes the session and logs the user off the Web Console Server.
*Function bar on the left provides access to the functional areas described on the page:
Note: Automatic logout - A user gets logged out of their Web Console session when they are inactive for a period of time specified by the Web Console administrator. A warning message is issued several seconds before the Web Console logs out with the opportunity to click OK to reset the inactive timeout period.
* Components in a Corticon deployment
* Servers groups and Servers
* Decision Services and Applications
* Batch Configurations
* Viewing the Activity Log