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Corticon Server: Integration & Deployment Guide : Integrating Corticon Decision Services : Components of a call to Corticon Server : The Decision Service Name

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The Decision Service Name
The name of the Decision Service has already been established during deployment. Assigning a name to a Decision Service can be accomplished through a Deployment Descriptor file, shown in Left Portion of Deployment Console, with Deployment Descriptor File Options Numbered. Or it can be defined as an argument of the API deployment method addDecisionService(). Both current versions of this API method (the 6 and 9 argument commands) as well as the legacy 3 argument command, require the Decision Service Name argument. Once deployed, the Decision Service will always be known, referenced and invoked in runtime by this name. Decision Service Names must be unique, although multiple versions of the same Decision Service Name may be deployed and invoked simultaneously. See Versioning for more details.