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Corticon Server: Deploying Web Services with Java : Corticon Java Server files and API tools : The Corticon Server Sandbox

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The Corticon Server Sandbox

When Corticon Server starts up, it checks for the existence of a sandbox directory. This Sandbox is a directory structure used by Corticon Server to manage its state and deployment code.
The location of the Sandbox is controlled by com.corticon.ccserver.sandboxDir settings in your file. This configuration setting is defined by the CORTICON_WORK_DIR variable, in this case:
In a default Windows installation, the result for this is C:\Users\{username}\Progress\CorticonWork_5.7\SER\CcServerSandbox. In other words, in the SER subdirectory of the CORTICON_WORK_DIR. This directory is created (as well as peer directories, logs and output) during the first launch of Corticon Server.
Note: If the location specified by com.corticon.ccserver.sandboxDir cannot be found or is not available, the Sandbox location defaults to the current working directory as it is typically the location that initiated the call.