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Corticon Server: Deploying Web Services with Java : Corticon Java Server files and API tools : Testing the installed Corticon Server : Testing the installed Corticon Server as in-process Java classes

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Testing the installed Corticon Server as in-process Java classes
The batch file testServer.bat is located in the [CORTICON_HOME]\Server\bin is designed to perform the basic in-process initialization of a Corticon Server, and then present a menu of API methods you can invoke from within a Windows console.
Viewing testServer.bat with a text editor, you can see how it sets classpaths, starts the JVM and then invokes the CcServerApiTest class. The source code (.java) for this class is provided in the [CORTICON_WORK_DIR]\Samples\Clients\SOAP directory. It is a good reference to use when you want to see exactly how the Corticon Server API set is used in your own code.
In addition to the several base Corticon Server JARs listed in Installing Corticon Server as Java classes in-process or in a custom java container section, the batch file also loads some hard-coded Java business objects for use with the Java Object Messaging commands 132-141. These hard-coded classes are included in CcServer.jar so as to ensure their inclusion on the JVM's classpath whenever CcServer.jar is loaded. The hard-coded Java objects are intended for use when invoking the OrderProcessing.erf Decision Service included in the default Corticon Server installation.
Figure 378. testServer.bat
To use the in-process server's test script:
1. Open a Corticon Command Prompt from the Windows Start menu by choosing All Programs > Progress > Corticon 5.7 > Corticon Command Prompt
2. At the command prompt, enter testServer.
Note: When you launch Corticon Command Prompt, it calls corticon_env.bat, adds several [CORTICON_HOME] script paths to the PATH so that you can launch scripts by name from several locations, and then relocates the prompt to the root of the Corticon work directory.
3. When the Enter transaction number: prompt displays, enter help, as shown:
4. The 100 series commands are listed.
These are the available API methods of the Common Functions (the 100 series) listed by number. You can list the commands in the other series by entering their series number:
*Enter 200 to list the Decision Service Functions command set
*Enter 300 to list the Monitoring Functions command set
*Enter 400 to list the CcServer Functions command set
*Enter 100 to again list the Common Functions command set
5. To get information about the in-process Server, enter 121 in the testServer window. The CcServerTest class makes a call to the server's SOAP Servlet. It asks for a list of configuration parameters and returns them to the Windows console.
The response verifies that our in-process Corticon Server is running correctly as in-process Java classes and is listening for -- and responding to -- calls. At this stage in the deployment, this is all we want to verify.