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Corticon Studio: Rule Modeling Guide : Troubleshooting Rulesheets and Ruleflows : Test yourself questions: Troubleshooting rulesheets and ruleflows

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Test yourself questions: Troubleshooting rulesheets and ruleflows

Note: Try this test, and then go to Test yourself answers: Troubleshooting rulesheets to correct yourself.
1. Troubleshooting is based on the principle that Rulesheets behave the same way when tested in Corticon Studio as when executed on ___________.
2. The first step in troubleshooting a suspected rule problem is to reproduce the behavior in a Corticon Studio _________ (test)
3. If the Rulesheet executes correctly in Corticon Studio, then where does the problem most likely occur?
4. Which of the following problems requires you to contact Progress Corticon Support for help?
Fatal Error
Null Pointer Exception
Reactor Error
Expired License
5. The specific rule where execution behavior begins acting abnormally is called the _____________.
6. True or False. When a rule fires, some of its Actions may execute and some may not.
7. What Corticon Studio tools help you to identify the Rulesheet's breakpoint?
8. A dark gray-colored Rulesheet box within a Ruleflow indicates that the Rulesheet has been __________.
9. A disabled rule:
a. executes in a Corticon Studio Test but not on the Corticon Server
b. executes on the Corticon Studio but not in a Corticon Studio Test
c. executes in both Corticon Studio Tests and on the Corticon Server
d. executes neither in a Corticon Studio Test nor on the Corticon Server
10. Where are the Corticon Studio logging features set?
11. Where are the Corticon Studio override properties set?
12. True or False. The Corticon Server license file needs to be located everywhere the Corticon Server is installed.
13. If you are reporting a possible Corticon Studio bug to Corticon Support, what minimum information is needed to troubleshoot?
14. Which of the following cannot be disabled?
a. a Condition row
b. an Action row
c. a Filter row
d. a leaf of the Scope tree
e. a Noncondition row (i.e., an Action row in Column 0)
f. a rule column
g. a Rulesheet
h. a Ruleflow