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Corticon Studio: Rule Modeling Guide : Answers to test-yourself questions : Test yourself answers: Troubleshooting rulesheets

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Test yourself answers: Troubleshooting rulesheets

Show me this set of test questions.
1. Troubleshooting is based on the principle that Rulesheets behave the same way when tested in Corticon Studio as when executed on Server
2. The first step in troubleshooting a suspected rule problem is to reproduce the behavior in a Corticon Studio Test.
3. In the integration with Corticon Server.
4. All of them!
5. The specific rule where execution behavior begins acting abnormally is called the breakpoint.
6. True. Partial rule firing is allowed.
7. Disabling Rulesheets; Filters, Nonconditions, Conditions, Action rows; or rule columns
8. A dark gray-colored Rulesheet tab indicates that Rulesheet has been disabled.
9. d
10. In the file at [CORTICON_WORK_DIR] root.
11. In the file at [CORTICON_WORK_DIR] root.
12. True.
13. Vocabulary (.ecore), Rulesheet  (.ers), and a Ruletest (.ert) and the Ruleflow (.erf) if any. We also need to know the Corticon Studio version you are using.
14. d and h